K40 Radar & Laser Detectors

K40 Radar & Laser Detectors
Drive without limits

The most advanced radar detector and laser jamming system in the world.

Since 1982, the first Speeding Ticket Guarantee and still the only company backing every product with a comprehensive speeding ticket guarantee.
You're a fast lane driver. You know you need the best defense you can get against police radar and the latest law enforcement pulse gun laser detection. Looking for a solution that is as elegant and technologically-advanced as the vehicle you drive? Want a virtual force-field of protection and freedom from speeding tickets?

You've found it. With K40

Three decades of radar and laser detector perfection!

K40 has been a leader in radar and laser detection technology since 1981. As an industry leader, K40 has been responsible for leading the way in innovation in both product and service, introducing:

* The first remote installed radar detector in 1981
* The first Speeding Ticket Guarantee in 1982.
* The first Wireless Remote Radar and Laser Protection System
* The New Portable Radar and Laser Protection System utilizing patented satellite technology, our new RL100
* The first Radar and Laser Protection Systems with Quiet RideTM technology that allows you to silence your detector below a speed of your choosing -- you only hear the alerts you need to hear, automatically
* The first Live Consultation with an experienced K40 consultant who customizes your Radar and Laser Protection System for the way you drive.

All K40 products come with a 1 year ticket free guarantee. Drive without limits!

Professional installation available on all K40 products. Give us a call or stop by for pricing and details.
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