Stoner XENIT- Intensive Cleaner

Stoner XENIT- Intensive Cleaner

Item# sto-94213
XENIT is the fast and easy way to remove sticky stuff, stains, and gunk from almost any surface.

When you have a mess...Clean it with XENIT. XENIT (zee-nit) cleans most surfaces in seconds, saving you time, effort, and money.

XENIT contains a proprietary cleaning formula with Citrus 66, an all-natural, highly refined extract of citrus fruit. With this powerful ingredient, XENIT can remove the sticky, greasy soils and stains that soap, water and ordinary household products can't.

You'll find hundreds of uses for XENIT in your home, garage, workshop, or business.

Easily cleans carpets, clothing, counter tops, concrete, fabrics, fiberglass, flooring, furniture, glass & tile, metals, tools, vinyl, walls, wood, and more. Quickly removes adhesives, crayon, decals, grease & oil, dry latex paint, gum, heel marks, ink, labels, lipstick, permanent marker, shoe polish, stickers, tape, tar , sap, and more.

When you Clean it with XENIT, you get a pleasant orange scent; no nasty odors. It drys completely, leaving no sticky residue.
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