Stoner SpeedBead One-Step Quick Wax

Stoner SpeedBead One-Step Quick Wax

Item# STO-913541
SpeedBead is the fastest and easiest way to make painted surfaces look brand new. Simply spray-on and wipe-off. Lets you clean, polish, and wax in one easy step!

Cleans, shines, and protects auto finishes; removes oxidation, bugs and road grime; and gives long lasting protection and water beading. Gives painted surfaces a brilliant shine in seconds. HighBead formula repels water & waterborne dirt. Removes oxidized paint, light scratches, and environmental damage. Cleans and removes oxidation, tar, grease, oil, bugs, sap, droppings, and other surface contaminants. High lubricity formula lifts light dirt and grime without scratching surface. Clear coat safe. Safe for clear coat, enamel, acrylic, and lacquer finishes. SpeedBead also shines and protects chrome, metals, and other hard, non-porous surfaces. SpeedBead contains synthetic polymers that chemically bond its protective coatings to the surface and improve durability.

Contains ultraviolet (UV) protectants that shield against sunlight and environmental damage.

Provides a barrier against damage from ozone, acid rain, and road grime.

Contains no harsh cleaners or harsh abrasives.

SpeedBead's sealed container prevents drying out and contamination by dust, dirt, sand, lint, and airborne debris.
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