RaggTopp Fabric Convertible Top Care Kit

RaggTopp Fabric Convertible Top Care Kit

Item# RT-1165
Raggtopp Fabric Protectant Kit Includes:

RAGGTOPP Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner

Exclusively Formulated for Fabric and Vinyl
Safely Removes the Toughest Roof Soil and Stains
Will Not Harm Metal, Plastic, Rubber or Wood Finishes
Anti-Oxidant, Low pH, NO Bleach Formula, Leaves No Residue
Environmentally Friendly and Biodegradable

A regular program of keeping the convertible top clean through regular washings BEFORE it gets dirty, will enhance the life and beauty of your convertible top and make successive cleaning easier.

RAGGTOPP Fabric Protectant

Patented Formula Protects By Keeping Out the Elements of Nature and Man
Renews and Extends the Life of Fabric and Carpet
Professional Strength Formulation WITHOUT Silicone
UV Protection with UV Stabilizers
Restores Lost Water and Stain Repellency To Like Factory New
Meets and Exceeds California VOC Air Quality Standards

Wolfstein products are designed for the auto-care professional, and rag top enthusiast who demand the very best convertible top cleaner and convertible top protectant.

These products are easy to use and can be applied in direct sunlight. Because RAGGTOPP Protectant does not contain Silicone, it will not harm the paint, chrome, glass, or plastic windows of your convertible.

RaggTopp Convertible top kit
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