RaggTopp Vinyl Protectant

RaggTopp Vinyl Protectant

Item# RT-1141
RAGGTOPP Vinyl Protectant
Exclusively Formulated for Exterior/Interior Commercial Vinyl Products
Contains No Silicone Oils or Petroleum Distillates
Patented Formula Repels Dust, Grease, Dirt and the Growth of Mildew
Contains Ultraviolet (UV) Absorbers/Blockers
Can Be Safely Used On All Vinyl Without Streaking
Easy Application: Spray On, Wipe Dry

RAGGTOPP Protectant was especially developed for the true convertible top professional and enthusiast to protect and maintain their fabric, vinyl soft tops and plastic windows from harmful elements

The number one factor in deteriorating convertible tops is acid rain, along with U.V. rays, smog, tree sap, bird droppings, salt, tar , dirt, grease, and grit. All these elements contribute to the weakening and failure of convertible tops.

RAGGTOPP Protectant is the future of convertible top protection. Over three years of product testing has produced a polymer formula that creates a superior protective barrier that micro-bonds to the convertible top and protects it from the elements of nature and man.

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