Canine Covers Custom Rear Seat Protector

Canine Covers Custom Rear Seat Protector

The best rear seat protector for fit and comfort for your dog.

Perfectly tailored to fit the rear seat of your car, SUV or pickup. Canine Covers follow the seat contours and, if the original seat is designed with a split seatback, that feature will be incorporated into the custom pattern with a hook and loop closure seam. Seat belt openings are in the original location to allow use of a canine travel restraint or easy use by two-legged passengers when the need arises.

Product Features:

  • Seat covers custom tailored for a perfect fit

  • Fabrics "breathe" to assure travel comfort for your dog

  • Quilted padded seat base for additional canine comfort

  • Nylon liner for added waterproof protection of covered seat

  • Non-slip layer used on seat base helps hold Canine Cover in place

  • Precision tailored openings for seat/shoulder belts

  • Security "pillow pods" and headrest straps help hold cover in place

  • Easy care - machine washable

  • Choose from 3 fabrics and 17 different colors/patterns

    Use together with CoverAll Seat Protectors, which are sold separately, to provide full coverage.

    Canine Covers are made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
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