Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaner

Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaner

Clean and clarify plastic lens covers! Before you replace your cloudy headlight lenses, consider this. Replacement headlight lenses can cost anywhere from $120 each for aftermarket lenses up to $300 each for replacement parts from the dealership. And that?s for a moderately priced vehicle. If your vehicle is a twin-headlamp luxury vehicle, you?re looking at a substantial investment in replacement parts. Even so, clear lenses increase your ability to see the road at night and improve your vehicle?s resale value. Instead of purchasing costly replacement lenses, restore them with Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaner. This cleaner is a gentle, clarifying polish for your plastic headlight lenses. It removes surface contamination and the cloudy residue that covers the lens. This haze is caused by prolonged UV exposure, so it?s not something that sits on top of the plastic. It is a condition that affects the plastic from the surface inward. Catch it early, and you can remove all of the haze so your lens covers look like new. Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaner contains diminishing abrasives that blend away surface imperfections to restore clarity to your lens covers. As they work, they gradually diminish under the friction of the pad until they are completely gone. Therefore, they will not abrade the plastic. The polish is water-based and has a very low solvent content, making it VOC compliant.


Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaner is formulated to be used with an electric drill and a 4? light cutting pad. Select the orange pad, the drill adapter, and the 2 ? backing plate. If using a cordless drill, use the highest setting. If using an electric drill, use the lowest setting. Machine Application:
  1. If you prefer to use a polisher, select the appropriate backing plate for a 4 inch pad. We recommend you work at a speed no greater than 1500 RPM with a circular polisher. If you are using a dual action polisher, set your maximum speed to 5000 OPM.
  2. Use blue painter?s tape to tape off around your headlights. This will prevent unwanted polishing of the paint.
  3. Polish until the cleaner begins to dry. Use an overlapping circular motion.
  4. Buff away the residue with a microfiber towel.
Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaner is step one in a two part lens clarifying system. Once you?ve polished your lens covers, step two is Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze. The surface may be slightly rough following polishing with the yellow pad. This is normal. Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze is a fine finishing polish that will smooth the surface of the plastic and restore the optimum clarity to your lenses. Use it with a 4? gray pad. For exceptional results, seal your restored lenses with Wolfgang Plastik Surface Sealant. It will lock in the shine and clarity you?ve just created, or you can apply it to a new vehicle to prevent future damage. Your cloudy, scratched lenses can be clear again with Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaner. Check out all the products mentioned above to give your lens covers a total makeover. Caution: This product is not recommended for motorcycle windshields, visors, or clear vinyl windows. Step 2 Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze can be used on these surfaces. To get all the products discussed above in one convenient package, click on Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaning System at the bottom of the page. It contains everything you need to clean, restore, and clarify your plastic headlight lenses. 4 oz.