Headlight Lens Protection

Headlight Lens Protection
Would you like to prevent you headlights from hazing or yellowing? Do you have yellow hazy headlight lenses? Are you ready to upgrade your headlights to create a look of distinction unlike any other?

Headlight covers are setting a new customizing trend on the aftermarket scene. Not only do these headlight covers look good, but they offer improved protection against the unforgiving road.

Our high quality transparent lens film is a flexible vinyl material with adhesive backing. It adds a unique look to your headlights while retaining the stock shape. In addition to the added protection you will receive from rocks and other road debris, our headlight covers prevent the hazy, yellow appearance caused by UV radiation and inferior headlight materials.

-Want to prevent your lights from fading or yellowing? Use headlight covers to keep the sun from yellowing them.

-Did you have your headlights polished because of yellowing or hazing? Use headlight covers to keep the sun from yellowing them again.

-Yellow or hazy headlights. We can polish them clear again and cover them to prevent it from happening again. Call or come by for a quote.


Price includes enough film to cover two normal size headlights and fog lights. We sell the material off a roll not pre-cut. This makes it easier to install and customize.

Professional installation is available. Call for pricing and details. 561-687-3900