BLACKFIRE Crystal Seal Paint Sealant 4 oz.

BLACKFIRE Crystal Seal Paint Sealant 4 oz.

Create WHIPLASH on paint, plastics, and metal with crystal clear polymers!

BLACKFIRE Crystal Seal is a paint sealant coating that offers incredible protection and longevity for all paint finishes, plastics, glass, and metals. Just drops of this clear liquid produces a tough barrier over auto surfaces that resists contamination, moisture, and UV rays. Hyper-concentrated BLACKFIRE Crystal Seal packs the power of cross-linking Wet Diamond polymers in every drop.


1.Use very little BLACKFIRE Crystal Seal. Always use a clean, soft applicator to spread Crystal Seal over your vehicle.
2.Mist the applicator once to prime it. Then mist each panel once and spread Crystal Seal evenly in straight line motions.
3.Do not buff or wipe off Crystal Seal.
4.Use this same method to apply Crystal Seal to paint, glass, metals, and hard plastics.

4 oz.